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Files, Attachments, or URLs

Files, Attachments or URLs are sent to the SecondWrite Sandbox automatically using APIs, or manually by security analysts.
Supported File Types:

  • Windows executables
  • Windows DLLs
  • .NET executables
  • PDF
  • MS Word (.DOC and .DOCX)
  • MS PPT (.PPT and .PPTX)
  • MS Excel (XLS and XLSX)
  • HTML
  • URLs
  • Archives (.zip, .rar, 7z, .iso, .tar, .gz,.bz2)

Comprehensive Analysis

SecondWrite leverages patented technology to detect evasive, anti-analysis malware.

*The signatures shown are part of the SecondWrite report

Scoring & Reporting

After the file or URL is analyzed a JSON or HTML report is automatically sent for further analysis.