The SecondWrite Sandbox Automatically detects evasive and anti-analysis malware by combining OS-level and program-level characterization with machine learning and big data.

The SecondWrite Sandbox

SecondWrite Sandbox Dashboard

Improve the productivity of your enterprise Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incidence Response (IR) teams.

Improve your IDS, SOC, IR, and Threat Intelligence product offerings.


  • Give you too many false alerts ?
  • Miss a lot of actual malware ?
  • Not capture all behaviors present in a sample ?


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How it works

We eliminate blind spots in automated malware analysis solutions by performing deep program introspection.

Our sandbox fully automatically analyzes malware at an unprecedented depth, by eliminating blind spots in other solutions.

Files, Attachments, URLs

Are sent to SecondWrite Sandbox which can be in the cloud or on-premise 

Patented Technology

SecondWrite Sandbox leverages patented technology and performs a complete code exploration forcing malware to be revealed 

Report & Score

A report and probability score is automatically generated providing detailed analysis and a list of indicators of compromise (IOCs) 

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Webinar: Learn how SecondWrite’s sandbox detects evasive malware
| 15 November

  Evasive malware successfully defeats existing cyber-security solutions by hiding itself inside sandboxes and then launches attacks on live systems. It hides itself using novel zero-day strategies such as launching an attack only on intended victim computers or on specific dates. Existing solutions are constantly struggling to keep a pace

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SecondWrite launches Free Evasive Malware Sandbox Service!!
| 1 November

We are proud to announce that SecondWrite’s sandbox product is launching in general availability today! SecondWrite’s sandbox is enterprise software for automated malware analysis. By employing patented binary-rewriting technologies, it can detect and analyze zero-day malware without signatures, including sophisticated evasive and anti-analysis malware undetectable by other means. Customers can

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