Detect & eliminate evasive malware once and for all.


Total number of malware exceeded 400M samples per year


Annual global cost of cyber-crime exceeded $445 billion


70% of organizations reported being victims of a successful cyberattack

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1 of 3 winning companies among 30 applicants

1 of 40 featured startups

How it works

We eliminate blind spots in automated malware analysis solutions by performing deep program introspection.

We use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to determine whether the suspicious indicators we find are indicative of malware

Files, Attachments, URLs

Are sent to SecondWrite Sandbox which can be in the cloud or on-premise 

Patented Technology

SecondWrite Sandbox leverages patented technology and performs a complete code exploration forcing malware to be revealed 

Report & Score

A report and probability score is automatically generated providing detailed analysis and a list of indicators of compromise (IOCs)