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Why Dwell Time Matters & What To Do About It

At SecondWrite, we compared the detection results of the three evasive malware samples deemed malicious by our DeepViewTM cloud-based malware detector against other leading endpoint tools from Gartner’s magic quadrant.

What to do about evasive malware?

Malware reverse engineering is a time consuming and difficult process. Most SOCs don’t employ team members with the time and/or skill set required to focus on a single sample, and so they must rely on external tools or malware

SecondWrite joins VirusTotal’s multi-sandbox project

We are excited to announce the integration of SecondWrite into VirusTotal’s multi-sandbox project. The multi-sandbox project’s goal is to aggregate a few leading sandboxes into VirusTotal, which is a database of malware and multi-scanner maintained by Google. You can...

SecondWrite launches Free Evasive Malware Sandbox Service!!

We are proud to announce that SecondWrite’s sandbox product is launching in general availability today! SecondWrite’s sandbox is enterprise software for automated malware analysis. By employing patented binary-rewriting technologies, it can detect and analyze zero-day...

Latest Ransomware attack #NotPetya

The latest ransomware attack on the world has hit at least 65 countries and thousands of computers. Many news reports claim that this is just the beginning of more cyber-attacks to come in the future. This malware is significantly different from previous variants of...

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