What is SecondWrite?

Why SecondWrite?

There is no way around it, you are going to be left with files which you are not certain are malicious or benign.
That is where SecondWrite comes in. The typical use case is shown below.

Customers: IDS/BDS vendors.

Sandboxing is computationally expensive. Can not send every file on the network to SecondWrite.

How it works

SecondWrite is the result of 5 years of research and 2 patented technologies on binary rewriting and forced code execution which provides SecondWrite with technologies you cannot find anywhere else.

Those technologies are Forced Code Execution, Program Level Indicators and Automatic Sequence Detection.

What This Means

In a test complete by VirustTotal on 6877 pieces of malware and 5600 benign files the average detection rate from the top 20 endpoint tools was 79%.

On the same data set SecondWrite’s detection was 94%.

Using our patented technology and Forced Code Execution we were able to find 50% more IOCs than without Forced Code Execution (FCE) technology. No other sandbox has FCE technology