SecondWrite launches Free Evasive Malware Sandbox Service!!

We are proud to announce that SecondWrite’s sandbox product is launching in general availability today! SecondWrite’s sandbox is enterprise software for automated malware analysis. By employing patented binary-rewriting technologies, it can detect and analyze zero-day malware without signatures, including sophisticated evasive and anti-analysis malware undetectable by other means.

Customers can start using our cloud sandbox for free in minutes by signing up at www.secondwrite.com/sandbox-pricing. Paid versions allow a higher quota of file submissions per day, added features, training and support.

SecondWrite’s sandbox enables Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and Incidence Response (IR) teams to comprehensively analyze alerts inside the security stack. A wide variety of MSSPs, network security, threat intelligence, and security operations vendors have also incorporated SecondWrite’s tool into their systems to analyze files at scale.

SecondWrite’s sandbox designates customer-submitted files as malicious or benign, and produces a comprehensive behavioral report for each file, listing its suspicious actions, using static and dynamic analysis.

We started SecondWrite to alleviate the inaccuracy and expense associated with today’s enterprise security processes. Security professionals are frustrated by today’s automated malware analysis solutions which generate a high number of false positives, often miss malware, and do not capture all the behavior of the file.

SecondWrite’s innovative approach combines program analysis with sophisticated machine learning and big data to deliver high malware detection rates, low false positive rates, and a comprehensive set of analytics based on observed malicious behavior. This means clients spend less time combing through non-threats and more time focusing on high-level threats to security.

Initially funded by US federal government SBIR grants, SecondWrite is backed by Gula Tech Adventures, KBB Capital LLC, TEDCO, Madhav Sonthalia, former VP at iSight Partners, and Sudhakar Mamillapalli, a facebook engineer. Advisors include cybersecurity and business luminaries such as Ron Gula, founder of Tenable, Scott Sanders, CEO of 5-nine, Madhav Sonthalia, mentioned above, Vatsal Sonecha, SVP of business development at several leading cybersecurity companies, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, enterprise software executive, and Srinivas Mantripragada, CTO of Watson and Cloud Platform at IBM.

The result of nearly a decade of industry and university research, SecondWrite’s sandbox introduces patented binary-rewriting technology that enables the detection of advanced evasive and anti-analysis malware. Evasive malware has lately emerged as a fundamental threat to existing sandbox based enterprise security solutions. It hides from detection using novel zero-day strategies such as launching an attack only on intended victim computers or on specific dates. SecondWrite’s binary-rewriting technology bypasses all such techniques and exposes complete malware behavior by identifying and executing all hidden code paths in a malware.

Sign-up to use our free software at www.secondwrite.com/sandbox-pricing!

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